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(1) 直接表述观点 这种形式考生比较容易辨认,因为人物的语言自始至终是保持同一论调,考生的第一印象判断和听完后文内容的判断是一致的,所以解题不容易错。我们举例来看看这

 (1) 直接表述观点

  这种形式考生比较容易辨认,因为人物的语言自始至终是 ** 持同一论调,考生的第一印象判断和听完后文内容的判断是一致的,所以解题不容易错。我们举例来看看这种语言模式。

  Well, do you think people can tell you their real thoughts just through phone? Without person-to-person contact, it is unlikely for you to dig deep into their minds and unlikely to get truth.


  因为大部分情况下,英文是首句中心句,段落其他部分是支持中心句的内容,所以听到首句就是主要意思,因此这种模式相对简单,但是考生也要能听出表示观点的词,比如赞成(support, be for ,go for be on the side of, quite agree with),中立( mutual, just so so, you can try it, not the best),反对( not good, be against, not recommend, better avoid ),喜欢(be favor of, like, prefer),一般态度(its ok, but),不喜欢(dislike),必须( must, it is necessary),依情况而定( it depends),没必要( not necessary),等等。

  (2) 间接表述观点


  Welyuasa-dc.coml, I dont think you should start with the case study too early unless you have made full preparation or you might find you cant meet the deadline. However, it really is the best approach you can try to get peoples response though it is somewhat time-consuming. If you think you can spare your study time, just go for it.

  由于第一句话出现dont think,所以很多考生会潜意识将主体判为否定的观点。然而,转折词However出现以后,要特别小心,因为意思上会有大的转变,这里的it really is the best approach就是很大的一个转折,说明发言的人是持支持的态度的。此外,最后一句话是总结性的观点,一句just go for it非常清楚地再次表示其支持观点。

  因此,在听观点题时不要被第一印象影响,一定要听后面的话是否有转折词,如果有,那第一印象是不准的,转折词后的内容才是判断的依据。有些情况在最后还会有总结性的表示观点的语言,那么中心意思应该在总结语言里。所以,当听到表转折的词,如however, but, nevertheless和表示总结的词,如so,那么真实的观点应在这些词之后。



  Another hazard for your back are the shock waves which travel up your spine when you walk, known as heel strike. A real find for our patients has been the shock-absorbing shoe insert. A cheap but very effective solution.支持

  Finally, a word about the state-of-the-art relief- the TENS machine-a small battery-powered gadget which delivers subliminal electrical pulses to the skin. Our experience indicates that your money is better spent on the more old-fashioned remedies.反对

  It can be useful to get special orthopaedic chairs, but remember the most important improvement should be in OUR posture.中立

  Though absolutely flat shoes can be a solution for some, others find their posture suffers中立


  Through observation study, you can just watch and take notes. And you can get some unforeseeable results from peoples behavior, but it can only cover certain aspects. Therefore, you need other research method to assist it. But you can try if you want.中立

  Well, I think questionnaires are very good at telling you how people fill in questionnaires, sxdjq.combut they tell you very little else. So better avoid it.反对

  Face-to-face interview can help you get peoples facial expressions and body language, through which you can identify what they genuinely have in mind. But it depends sometimes. Not everyone is willing to open his or her mind to you.

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