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A:How do you do? I m Smart of White Trading Company.Mr White suggested I got in touch with you.您好,我是怀特贸易的思马得,怀特先生让我和您联系。

B:Oh,yes.Mr.White called me.I d like to know more about your products.噢,是的,怀特先生给我打过电话。我想更多地了解一下你们的产品。

A:We appreciate your interest.I have some catalogues.I d like you to have a look at them.你们对产品有兴趣,我们非常感谢,我有一些产品目录想请你看一下。

B:Thank you.Does this cover your complete products?谢谢。这包括你们所有的产品吗?

A:Yes,everything we export is included.是的,我们出口的所有产品都包含在内。

B:Can you tell me more about your new product? I haven t had time to study the report in detail.您能更详细介绍一下你们的新产品吗? 我没有时间仔细研究你们的报告。

A:There is a sample for you.If you have any questions,I d be glad to answer them.这有样品您可以看一看。如果您有什么问题,我很乐意回答。

B:This is a beautiful fabric all right,but why does it wear longer than others?这的确是一件漂亮的织物,然而为什么它比其他织物穿得长久呢?

A:Well,let me tell you why.One reason is that the yarn is carefully selected for quality.噢,让我告诉您,一个原因是为了确保质量,纱线是经过认真挑选的。

B:I see,but what about the weave?我明白了。然而织得怎么样呢?

A:That s the second reason.The yarn is twisted and woven very tightly in this fabric.这是第二个原因。这种织物的纱线紧紧地织在一起。

B:Can I feel this one?我能摸一摸吗?

A:Of course.Please.当然可以,请。

B:I m afraid that tightly woven materials generally become shiny with wear rather quickly.我担心质地很紧的材料,一般来讲,由于磨损会很快发亮。

A:I can certainly go along with you on that,but this material is different from others in that respect.在这一点上我很赞同您,不过这种材料在这方面和其他的材料有所不同。

B:What do you mean?您的意思是?

A:This material will retain its luster without becoming shiny.这种材料会保持光泽,不会变亮。

B:Why is that?为什么?

A:Because the luster is laboriously and yet delicately woven into the fabric.因为这种精美的织物在纺织的时候,光泽度问题已经煞费苦心地考虑进去了。

B:Oh,I see.噢,我明白了。

A:I happen to be wearing the material now.I ve been wearing this suit for over three years,and,as you can see,it hasn t become shiny at all yet!碰巧我现在穿着这种料子,这件衣服我已穿了3年多了,您看看,它一点都没变亮!

B:I m very glad to hear that.听您这么一说我很高兴。

A:Well,I was much impressed by your showroom.I ve already seen someitems we d like to order,but I d still like to study them a bit further.噢,我对你们的展览室印象颇深,我已经看中了几种,想订货,不过我还想再进一步考虑一下。

B:Well,I ll be waiting for you to discuss it further.哦,我等着和您进一步洽谈。

A:I ll call you when I m ready.我准备好了会给您打电话。

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