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A: Excuse me. You are Mr. Johnson, the Sales Manager, aren t you?

A: 劳驾,您是销售经理约翰逊先生,对吗?

B: Yes. It s me.

B: 是的。我就是。

A: How do you do, Mr. Johnson? I am Jack from the ABC Company.

A: 您好,约翰逊先生。我是从ABC公司来的杰克。

B: How do you do, Mr. Jack? You re welcome. What can I do for you?

B: 您好,杰克先生,欢迎您。我能为您做些什么?

A: I am glad to have the opportunity of visiting your corporation. We are interested in your office facilities and hope to have some information about your usual business practices.

A: 我很高兴有机会访问贵公司。我们有意购买贵公司的办公用品,希望能了解一些有关你方通常业务惯例的情况。

B: That s nice. I really hope we can do business together. By the way, did you have a pleasant trip here?

B: 那太好了,真诚希望我们能合作。顺便问一句,您这次旅行好吗?

A: Yes, but not quite. Many flights have been cancelled due to the influence of the September 11Incident and I had to change flights several times. But the journey is OK.

A: 还行,但不是太好。由于911事件的影响,许多航班都已经取消了,我不得不几次转机。但来这儿的旅行总的来说还是不错的。

B: I m very glad that you have not been held up too much on your way here. Well, now let s get down to business now.

B: 我很高兴您没在途中被耽搁得太久。好吧,现在让我们言归正传。

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