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A:I have an appointment with Mr.John at 2o clock.我跟约翰先生约好两点见面的。

B:May I have your name,please?请问贵姓?

A:My name is David Andson.Sales Manager s secretary of the ABC Computer Company.Please tell me where his office is.我叫戴维安德森,是ABC 电脑公司的业务经理的秘书。请问他的办公室在哪里?

B:He s waiting for you.I ll show you to his office.Please follow me.他正在等您呢! 我带您到他的办公室去,请跟我来。

A:Thank you.谢谢。

C:Have a seat,please,Mr.Andson.安德森先生,请坐。

A:Thank you.There are some illustrations of the latest model computers.谢谢您。这是一些最新型电脑的说明书。

C:Our company is interested in medium sized computers.我们公司是对中型电脑感兴趣的。

A:Here are the medium sized computers.What do you think about them?这是关于中型电脑的。您认为如何呢?

C:They are very splendid.What about the price?这些非常不错。价格怎么样呢?

A:It costs 1,200 dollars perset.But if you buy one hundred sets,we ll give you a 10per cent discount.每部是1200美元,若贵公司购买100部的话,我们可给您10%的折扣。

C:Are all these available now?这些产品现在都可以拿到现货吗?

A:Yes,we have available stocks.有,我们有一些现货。

C:Can you give me a sample?您可不可以给我一个样品?

A:Sure.But you ll have to pay for them.没问题。但是您必须要付钱。

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