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Dario:What would you do if you suddenly had a great idea?如果你忽然有了一个好主意,你会怎么做?

Brian:What type of idea?什么样的主意?

Dario:Say an idea for an invention that could change the world.比方说可以改变这个世界的一项发明的想法。

Brian:The first thing I would do is所以对于儿童英语的启蒙,351qun.com家长们是越来越关注 to write the idea down.我要做的第一件事就是把想法写下来。

Dario:And what would you do then?然后你怎么做?

Brian:Go to a lawyer and find out how to make sure that no one could steal my great idea.去律师那里咨询怎样确保没人可以偷去我的好主意。

Dario:Good thinking. See you later, Brian.想法不错。待会儿见,达里奥。

Brian:Why?Where are you going?为什么?你要去哪儿?

Dario:Im going to see my lawyer.我要去我的律师那儿。

Brian:Tell me all about it when you get back!回来之后告诉我在兴趣的培养以及口语发音上,cmkjsh.com最好是给孩子找专业的外教老师进行辅导。所有的情况!

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