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A:We all know that a year is divided into four seasons.As the seasons change,so do temperature,weather and the length of daylight.


B: Yes.Season also means a period of time marked by a certain activity or a large quantity of a certain product,for example,the rainy season,the strawberry season.Or ,for the football fans,the football season.

B: 不错。季节也表示以某种活动或某种产品大量涌现为特征的时期,比如说雨季、草莓季节。又如对于球迷来说是足球赛季。

A:Well,fruits are best and cheapest in season.But hotels cost more in season.Thats why some people take their holidays out of season.


B: Youre right.Spring is the first season of the year.In spring,nature awakens: flowers blooming,trees putting forth new leaves,birds hopping and chirping merrily.

B: 你说得对。春季是一年中的第一个季节。春天,大自然苏醒过来了:鲜花盛开,树木长出新的叶子,鸟儿欢快地跳跃、鸣叫。

A:You know,the Chinese have a spring festival to welcome in a new year.They consider that the whole years work depends on a good start in spring.


B: I see.Spring is gay with flowers and songs.So we sometimes describe a very happy person as being full of the joys of spring.

B: 我知道。伴着鲜花和歌声的春天是令人快乐的。所以我们有时用充满春天的喜悦来形容一个十分快乐的人。

A:Yes.How do you like summer?


B: I think I like it.Summer is hot and the days are long.Many people enjoy taking summer holidays,teachers in particular.Schoolchildren like to attend summer camps.But of course,some hard working students go to summer schools.

B: 我想我喜欢。夏天天气炎热,白昼悠长。许多人都喜欢夏天度假,尤其是教师。学校的孩子们喜欢参加夏令营。但是当然,有些用功的学生会去上暑期班。

A:What is an Indian summer,do you know?


B: Well,summer like weather sometimes occurs in late autumn or early winter.People call such a period an Indian summer.

B: 唔儿童英语启蒙课程应该怎么样教学比较好?cdtuozhan.com这个就很不错。,有时深秋或者初冬出现夏天一样的天气。人们就把这样的一段时间叫做小阳春。

A:Well,some countries officially change the time at the beginning of summer by moving the hands of a clock ahead of one hour,so as to save daylight.And the period when this is in effect is called daylight saving timein America,and summer timein Britain.

A:还有下面就为大家介绍几种,huangmagua.net如今最主流,最适用的,儿童英语启蒙课程教学方法,有些国家在夏天开始的时候正式更改时间,将时钟的指针往前拨一小时,以便节省白昼的时间。实行这一措施的这段时期,在美国叫做daylight saving time(日光节约时间),而在英国叫做summer time(夏令时间)。

B: But I dont think its a good idea.It often makes you confused about the time.

B: 不过我可不认为这种做法好。这样人们常常会把时间搞混。

A:Neither do I like it.


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