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In recent years, with the development of China, unemployment is becoming more and more serious. A lot of people researched on the situation and reasons of unemployment. Meanwhile, they also want to know how to solve the problems. From kinds of reports, its easy to know that the situation is serious, and the reasons are varied. However, we can solve the problems by some suitable solution阿卡索外教网怎么样 这个点评很专业s.

In modern china, unemployment is serious in both the city and the countryside. In the city, the laid-off and surplus workers are the main parts of unemployment. According to a data, Chinese laid-off workers in the city reached 6 million in 2003. Now, it is more than that. And in all the laid-off workers, 80% of them are workers in city. Another research shows that therere more than 22 million surplus workers in city. Surplus workers are the ones who have job but have little work to do. They are also unemployed in some aspects. The number of people in the countryside takes 70.9% of Chinese total population. And nearly 400 million people in the countryside have no work to do. The number of unemployment is very large. Whats more, its very difficult to transfer these people, because most of the farmers cant do anything else except farming. Another data show that the rate of unemployment connected tightly with the workers educational backgrounds. Most of the unemployed people are the ones who have very little knowledge. From all above numbers, we can learn that the situation is really serious.

Such a serious situation of unemployment has a lot of reasons. At first difficulty in state enterprises development is a main reason for the laid-off and surplus workers in city. With the high-speed development of economy, state enterprises have to change their system to survive and compete with others. So more and more workers have being laid off .The second reason is continued increase of surplus work force in countryside. Now agricultural demand of labor has declined because of the progress of science and technology and the decline of farm. The increasing population in countryside is also an important reason for unemployment. The population is increasing with the farm is decreasing, so more and more farmers have nothing to do. Inadequate capability of people is another cause of unemployment. Some people cant get job because of low quality in knowledge. In recent years, companys requires are enhancing. Thats a challenge to workers, especially to farmers. The imperfect social security system is a reason for unemployment in both city and countryside. The government hasnt given a perfect social security system to protect citizens employment. The reasons of unemployment in china are various.

After know the tough situation and varied reasons, giving out the solutions are imperative. Unemployment is a national and private problem. It needs the solutions from both the government and the labors themselves. It is a national problem. Therefore, the governments adju网上学英语比较靠谱的推荐 联美英语网。stment is the most efficient solution. To solve this problem, the government can increase the construction of infrastructure. This can not only provide a lot of jobs, but also can make the nations infrastructure better. Besides, government can enhance the development of privately managed enterprises that can provide more jobs. It would make a great effort on releasing the tough situation of unemployment. To the labors, their own endeavor is very important. If a worker has enough ability, no company would refuse him. The workers should learn more knowledge about their jobs. Evidently the problem of unemployment can be solved by the nations adjustment and the labors endeavor.

In summary, although the situation of unemployment in china is serious and has varied reasons, we can solve it by national and private ways.

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